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Hi, I'm Karna Jani. I'm a Web Developer living in Windsor, ON. I went to college (or university as we call it here) in Detroit at Wayne State University for a degree in Electrical Engineering. There, I realized I loved writing code. I realized I could make things go. I realized that I could make computers work. And when I discovered the web, I realized I could make computers work together. I love building on the web. It's the best platform in the world.

These days I primarily write PHP for a living. I also write PHP for fun. MVC frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel have taken on the all the heavy lifting required to build a prototype or a small scale production web app, and given web developers a quick way to build just what we want. I use these tools to create solutions for both myself and others.

If you'd like to hire me for a project, reach out via the social icons in the footer (email or skype are probably best).

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